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According to individual orders, the production of any models of bags and VIP accessories. Luxurious handmade bags of any size and color with any luxury fittings. Designer bags, briefcases, suitcases, purses, backpacks, handbags, diplomats, clutches... And also, according to the wishes of the bags, belts, wallets, flash drives, key chains, glasses, shoes, watch straps are produced in the same style for bags in the same style. and other accessories.

Author's bags made of premium genuine leather. The MJ Art Studio presents the world's largest leather collection. More than 5000 types and colors of classic and exotic leather and fur: crocodile, alligator, elephant, stingray, ostrich, python, shark, eel, monitor lizard, deer, sable, mink, ermine and other species - www.skin.mj777.com. Unique fittings for bags made of precious materials - gold, platinum, silver, mokume-gane, meteorites, ivory, carbon, diamonds, rubies, sapphires... It is also possible to personalize bags by embossing, engraving and inlaying any emblems, monograms, emblems and any other symbolism from precious metals.

Art Studio MJ also provides additional services for the repair, restoration and restyling of original bags and accessories from any of the world's top-class brands.

And of course, luxurious packaging for sets of bags and accessories, transport bags, suede bags, and gift boxes and caskets made of valuable types of wood, leather, stone, and precious stones. metals and other collectible and rare materials.


Luxury briefcases, diplomats, suitcases, bags, purses, clutches leather crocodile, alligator, caiman ...  Any sizes and models of male and female bags for individual orders from MJ. MJ LUXURY BRIEFCASES & ACCESSORIES MADE OF CROCODILE'S SKINS. GENUINE CROCODILE, ALLIGATOR, CAIMAN, GAVIAL LEATHER.

Exclusive handbags, gunbags, clutches, covers and cases of crocodile skin. Any design and colors for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ. Crocodile leather black, brown, tan, caramel, orange, burgundy, caramel, gray, smoke, milk, yellow, beige, forest green, marsh, olive, bottle, red, gold, midnight blue, sky blue, pink, purple, lilac, white and other colors. MJ EXCLUSIVE LUXURY BAGS & ACCESSORIES OF CROCODILIANS LEATHER. BAGS OF GENUINE CROCODILE, ALLIGATOR, CAIMAN, GAVIAL SKINS

Luxury handbags, suitcases, briefcases, diplomats and other accessories stingray leather. The range of Art Studio MJ more than 100 kinds of different types of premium quality stingray leather. ROYAL, ARTILINE, SIAM, SHARK STINGRAY, SANDED, POLISHED, CLASSIC & PEARL STINGRAY SKIN. MJ ELITE BAGS & ACCESSORIES - STINGRAY PREMIUM LEATHER

Leather bags, briefcases, purses and any other accessories of leather crocodile, alligator, caiman ... Any style and design handbags. Any colors and types of tanning crocodile. Crocodile leather glossy varnish, matt, semi-matt, suede ... Bag and accessories MJ - it's very nice gift! Warranty of this exclusive and luxury. GENUINE CROCODILE LEATHER BAGS & ACCESSORIES by MJ. ONLY HANDMADE. ONLY PRECIOUS MATERIALS. ONLY VIP

Luxury sets of bags and accessories stingray leather handmade by MJ. Individual orders grade sets any number of different accessories. Bag, belt, purse, case for phone, passport cover, flash drive, key chain and other accessories. All items are executed in the same style of the same type of skin and accessories.
Exclusive sets of jewelry, electronics and accessories - www.set.mj777.com. LUXURY SET - VIP ACCESSORIES OF STINGRAY LEATHER by MJ

Designer handbags made of natural mink, sable, ermine, lynx, llamas, chinchillas ... All bags are available for individual orders manually. Each bag is unique and inimitable. VIP Bag Made of Mink, Sable, Pony, Silver Fox, Rex, Wild Cat, Wolf, Lynx, Llama, Seal, Chinchilla etc. Genuine Fur Bag Handcrafted Single Copy by MJ

Exclusive travel bag handmade from premium quality python skin. Individual orders in all sizes and types of handbags exotic leather. Exclusive Traveling Bag (Duffel Bag) Handcrafted of Python Leather Premium Quality by MJ. Individual orders handbags in all sizes and types of exotic leather - www.skin.mj777.com

Solid set of portfolio and a belt of black ostrich leather and accessories from solid gold 750-carat. On individual order buckle, locks and other accessories can be made from white or black gold. See also exclusive catalog of belts made from exotic leathers - www.belts.mj777.com. Elite Set of Ostrich Leather - Briefcase and Belt Gold Edition 18k by MJ

Exclusive handbags clutches of shark skin handmade by MJ. Design models of bags, belts, shoes and other accessories from the shark skin of all colors.

Royal exclusive sets of equipment and accessories crocodile. Unique sets of a tuning laptop mouse, flash drives and flash drive portfolio. Any bag, laptop or other accessory can be personalized using
platinum or gold inlays zodiac sign, emblem, or other symbols. Examples of work can look in the catalogs of art-studio MJ - www.kit.mj777.com, vip laptops - www.notebook777.com, mouse - www.mouse.mj777.com, stick - www.vip-flash.com. Royal Set - Laptop, Briefcase, Mouse and Key Ring Flash Drive Made of Crocodile Leather & White Gold

Designer Laptop Bags Leather iguana, monitor lizard and other lizards. Individual orders issued bags of all sizes and all types of exotics. Exclusive Laptop Bag Made of  Genuine Leather Iguana & Monitor Lizard.

VIP bags, briefcases, diplomats and other accessories stingray leather. Any size. Any number of offices. Any design. Any wishes. Men's business model bags are available in all kinds of exotic leather. Only handmade by individual orders from the Art Studio MJ. VIP ACCESSORIES OF STINGRAY LEATHER by MJ. ANY SIZES, ANY MODELS, ANY DESIGNS

Designer handbags and accessories stingray leather premium. Any female models and unisex handbags handmade from any species of exotics from MJ. PREMIUM BAGS & ACCESSORIES STINGRAY & OTHER EXOTIC LEATHER. EXCLUSIVE HANDMADE BAGS by ART-STUDIO MJ

Exclusive men's and women's bags alligator, crocodile, caiman etc. Any model. Any design. Any size. Any species of skin. Any color. Only individual orders and handmade quality jewelery. EXCLUSIVE CROCODILE BAGS & ACCESSORIES by MJ

Suite diplomats and ostrich leather briefcases. Strict classical models and new exclusive model portfolios of ostrich leather. ELITE  BRIEFCASES MADE OF OSTRICH  LEATHER by MJ.

Leather briefcases and diplomats of crocodile skins luxury quality. Stylish business model portfolios and diplomats classic colors for individual orders .. Luxury crocodile, alligator and caiman - black, brown, tan, forest green and olive green. MJ UNIQUE ATTACHÉ CASES & BRIEFCASES & ACCESSORIES - CROCODILE  LEATHER CLASSIC COLOR & TANNED


Unique models of leather handbags crocodile. Accessories bags of precious metals and gems. UNIQUE CROCODILE ACCESSORIES - GENUINE SKINS by MJ

Exclusive Handbags, clutches, diplomats, bags are available from any subspecies of crocodile skin. Nile Crocodile, Siamese Crocodile, Cuban Crocodile, Crocodile Caribbean, Sparkos, Porosus,
Indian Crocodile, Gharial, Kaymanus, Yakar, Fuskus, Latirostris, Bebilos, Unicor, Carius, Melotris,
Pygmy Alligator, Mississippi Alligator, Alligator King, Oris and other species.

Exclusive leather handbags ostrich. On individual orders any size accessories. From small bags and folders to large portfolios and attache case. MJ EXCLUSIVE OSTRICH  LEATHER BRIEFCASES, DIPLOMATS & BAGS


Bags of copyrights and patent leather matte crocodile and other reptiles premium. Line of men's and women's handbags from MJ - a line of handbags a variety of models. It is possible to order a bag of black leather or depart from the classical colors. You can buy a small bag for keys and documents, and you can watch yourself, or laptop bag for trips to the gym. EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORIES CROCODILE GENUINE LEATHER by MJ


Luxury diplomats, suitcases, briefcases, purses and other bags made of stingray leather and other exotics. It should be noted that men and women briefcases and bags MJ perfectly combine practicality and beauty. Just have to say that men's bags MJ so diverse that you will certainly be able to choose exactly what you want. MJ collection is very diverse, it has a sporty style bags, but there are those that will suit even a business suit. Regardless of what particular model you choose, women's and men's bags MJ will always bring you great quality, reliability and elitism. MJ LUXURY ACCESSORIES - STINGRAY BRIEFCASES AND HANDBAGS

Exclusive handbags, model bags, men's briefcases and purses. All products are made of exotic ostrich leather, kangaroo, hippopotamus, elephant, crocodile, python, cobra, viper, rattlesnake, black mamba, coral cobra, anaconda, alligator, caiman, giraffe, camel, sturgeon, turtles, birds legs, stomach, buffalo, rhino, capybaras, buffalo, bison, calf, deer, sharks, fish, frogs, iguanas, monitor lizard, stingray, sea snakes, sea eel, beaver tail, karung etc. BAGS CUSTOMIZED - ANY COLORS, ANY SIZES, ANY DESIGNS, ANY MODELS. MJ EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORIES MADE OF EXOTIC LEATHER

Fashion handmade night. Designer leather handbags crocodiles, alligators and caimans. Series of models of bags MJ Bags Diamonds Edition inlaid classical and fancy colored diamonds. Bags series of MJ Bags Precious Metals decorated their furniture in white, yellow, red, or pink gold. It should be noted that the male or female bag MJ can choose for every taste and color. However, their quality will please you for a long time, as long as you do not decide to buy a new bag from MJ. CROCODILE LEATHER BAGS, CAIMAN LEATHER BAGS, ALLIGATOR, LEATHER BAGS. MJ DESIGN BAGS & ACCESSORIES FASHION EDITION

Unique portfolios for the elite. Crocodile leather briefcases different subspecies of reptiles. Castles, carabiners, rings, snakes and other accessories made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and gold color. FURNITURE MADE FROM PRECIOUS METALS: GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, PALLADIUM. MJ UNIQUE BRIEFCASES & ACCESSORIES - CROCODILIANS  LEATHER

VIP Business Attaché Cases Reptile Edition - Genuine Skin of Crocodile, Alligator, Caiman... Different kinds of luxurious reptile skin with smooth skin of the abdomen and back these spikes.

MJ Exclusive VIP Briefcase Caiman Saltwater Crocodile Leather

Crocodile Bag Columbian Crocodile Beige Unbleached Crust Leather

Elite diplomats from crocodile leather with accessories made of gold and platinum. Fittings can be made of any precious metals from samples 14 to 24 carats. Gold hardware - 585k, 750k, 777k, 888k or 999k sample Platinum fittings 950k or 999k. Hardware can also be personalized with names engraved or embossed. Elite Attaché Cases Crocodile Leather Limited Edition by MJ

Genuine Belly Crocodile Leather Attache Cases Diplomats by MJ

Exclusive diplomat caiman leather pen. Diplomat of yellow leather marine crocodile. Attaché Cases Peru Caiman Leather by MJ

Bags and diplomats from crocodile skin with dressing of a two-tone brown. Attaché Cases Crocodile Brown Two Tone Tanned Finish Leather

Briefcases red leather crocodile caiman alligator... In the presence of more than 10 shades of red and other colors more than 100 reptile skin. Crocodile Leather Red Flame, Red Tomato, Red Ferrari, Red Blood, Red Marlboro, Dark Red, Acid Red, Light Red etc. Findings of silver or gold inlaid with black diamonds. Exclusive Briefcase Red Crocodile Leather Handcrafted Edition by MJ.


Luxury crocodile leather portfolios for individual orders. In Art Studio MJ huge collection of the skin of crocodiles, alligators, caimans from different parts of the world. African crocodiles, Australian crocodiles, alligators Indonesian, Indian gavials, American Alligator, Chinese alligators, caimans Argentina, Brazil Cayman, Cayman Islands Mexican ... More than 5,000 different types and colors of exotic leather bags prepared for the production of any other accessory. Luxury VIP Briefcase & Bags Crocodile Edition by Art-Studio MJ

Laptop Bags Leather caiman, crocodile, alligator, gavial, and other subspecies crocodile. Bags and briefcases for laptops of all sizes. Tablets and laptops from 10 to 25 inches.

Luxurious Briefcase Made of Genuine Crocodile's Hides by MJ

Production of bags, briefcases and accessories for individual orders. According to personal preferences, you can choose any form factor viscera portfolio. Any number, size and location of interior compartments, partitions, pockets, zippers. Within the portfolio can contain any additional bracing for pens, phones, documents, books, magazines, tablets, notebooks, folders, camera, keys, trinkets, trivia, credit cards, business cards and any other accessories. UNIQUE CUSTOMIZED BRIEFCASE & BAGS GENUINE LEATHER by MJ

Designer portfolios of crocodile skin, burgundy, purple, lilac, purple flowers. In the presence of a large assortment of different kinds and colors of exotic skins. MJ Briefcase Crocodile Leather Unique Color Design - Burgundy, Purple, Lilac, Dark Pink Skins.

Exclusive design combined portfolio of crocodile skin. Design model portfolio consists of smooth skin and spinal osteoarthritis with part of the dermis. Beautiful and stylish design. Possible execution in various different colors. Exotic Briefcase of Crocodile Belly Skin, Hornback Skin & Backstrap Skin

MJ Luxury VIP Briefcase Customize Edition Made of Natural Skin Caiman, Crocodile, Alligator...

Portfolio alligator caiman crocodile and other reptiles. Any sizes, colors, styles, designs, portfolios private orders.


Portfolio of crocodile skin, alligator or caiman with the emblem of platinum, palladium or gold. A large portfolio of government officials, politicians, bureaucrats, ministers, mayors, prime ministers, presidents ... By individual orders production portfolios with the state symbols of any other emblems. The possibility of applying inlays or cliché - drawing, lettering, initials, logotypes, emblems ... MJ Premium Briefcase of Crocodile Leather by MJ Handmade Single Customize Edition

Small Handbag Briefcase Red Caiman Leather by MJ

Small Briefcase / Hand Bag / Gun Bag Made of Crocodile or Alligator Leather by MJ

MJ Small Business Briefcase Black Marine Salt Water Crocodile Leather

Luxury Briefcase Glossy Skin Glazed Crocodile Leather by MJ

Briefcases for VIP clients. Any size and design. Only leather rare and exotic species of reptiles. Crocodile, alligator, caiman, gavial, porosus, jacare, fuskus, carius, latirostris, hornsis etc.

Leather briefcases and handbags with any number of internal partitions. Briefcases and handbags with any number of pockets, snakes, keys, locks. Taking into account any wishes in the production of exclusive handmade bags. Individual Briefcase & Bag Customize Edition by MJ

Women's fashion leather bags reptiles - crocodile, alligator, caiman ... Genuine leather crocodile natural colors. Undyed leather premium. Crocodile/Luxury Bag Natural Crust Fashion Edition by MJ

Exclusive leather Kelly bag caiman natural color. Individual orders issued alligator or caiman crocodile. Hardware-cast of precious metals. Can drag stones inlaid. Exclusive Kelly Bag Caiman Genuine Leather Crust Natural Limited Edition by MJ.


Luxury bag brown crocodile. Any colors and shades of brown crocodile leather. Available colors crocodile, caiman, alligator - dark brown, light brown, coffee, brown, umber, cappuccino, latte, beige, dark beige, light beige, light brown, bright brown, rusty - Bismarck furioso, maroon, burgundy, brown, burgundy, brown, wine, cherry brown, camel, dark coral, brown, the color of milk chocolate, amber, caramel, red, brown and orange, brandy, tobacco, bronze... any other exotic skin color. MJ Luxury Bag Exclusive Edition Crocodile Brown Leather by MJ


Luxury bag caiman, crocodile or alligator in various shades of green. In Art Studio MJ leather crocodile represented in all possible colors and shades of green - genuine crocodile, olive, green, forest, acid green, neon green, emerald green, aquamarine, malachite, jade, pastel green, lime, pistachio, mint color, pale olive, asparagus, green tea, green-gray, pale green, bottle, military, protective, khaki, green marsh and others. And of course all kinds of candle green crocodile skin - dull green, glossy green, green lacquer, suede green, green nail polish, natural green crocodile. Any other colors of exotic skins. MJ Luxury Bag Exclusive Edition Crocodile Green Leather by MJ

Kelly bag crocodile, caiman or alligator. Combination of business portfolio and Handheld Bag - Bag Lady with a profile in the form of a trapezoid. Rigid and semi-rigid to the touch, simply decorated with classic castle. Design exclusive handbags Kelly Bag is the emphasis on the castle. Individual orders issued locks of silver, platinum or gold, possible with inlaid diamonds and other precious stones. Exclusive Kelly Bag Crocodile Leather Limited Edition by MJ

Elite Briefcase Exclusive Edition Made of Crocodile, Caiman, Alligator Leather

VIP portfolio for individual orders crocodile, caiman or alligator. Any model. Any Design. Any color. Only handmade. Only genuine exotic leather. VIP Briefcase Exclusive Edition Made of Crocodile, Caiman, Alligator Leather

Bag of crocodile skin. A real luxury for the elite. VIP Bag Made of Genuine Crocodile Leather by MJ

Exclusive pink crocodile leather handbags. Bags made of pink leather caiman bags of pink alligator bags of pink leather crocodile gharial... In Art Studio MJ presented crocodile leather in all possible colors and shades of pink - light pink, dark pink, acid pink, pale pink, neon pink, magenta, alizarin, carmine red, cardinal, carmine, sangilovy, maroon, burgundy, Pius, fuchsia, purple, cerise, cherry, violet- red, mauve, aubergine, purple, star shocked, matte pink, glossy pink, violet, Heliotrope, orchid, hello Kitty, pink flamingos and other shades of pink flowers reptile skin
.  Exclusive Pink Bag Crocodile, Alligator, Caiman by MJ


Exclusive handbags in dark blue and light blue colors of crocodile skin - Bags of blue and blue caiman alligator, crocodile ... In Art Studio MJ presented crocodile leather in all possible colors and shades of blue - light blue, sky blue, acid blue, neon blue, classic blue, heavenly sky blue, electrician electric blue, neon, cyan, turquoise, navy blue, midnight blue, dark blue, cobalt, azure, denim jeans, royal blue, indigo, ocean blue, navy blue, blue steel, platinum blue, blue-gray, black sea, ultramarine, purple-blue, sapphire blue, crystal blue, fancy blue diamond, and other shades of blue, and any other colors. Exclusive Blue Skin Bag Crocodile, Alligator, Caiman Leather by MJ

Design Bag of Red Crocodile Leather by MJ

Unique bags issued in a limited edition of 100 pieces. Findings from the latest platinum alloy gold 777k. Each model has its own identification number and signature certificate.


Exclusive crocodile leather handbags in yellow colors. Individual orders of yellow leather handbags caiman bags of yellow alligator bag of yellow crocodile skin . In Art Studio MJ represented exotic leather in all possible colors and shades of yellow - bright yellow, acid yellow, light yellow, dark yellow, pale yellow, lemon, corn, cream, pear, saffron, old gold, golden yellow, yellow Lamborghini, brass, pastel yellow, cream, creme brulee, beige, peach, light rusty, white, yellow- gray, yellowish crust, light brown, sunny, yellow and other metallic shades of yellow and any other colors. Exclusive Yellow Skin Bag Crocodile, Alligator, Caiman Leather by MJ.

Classic bag alligator. Handmade. Jewellery Accessories.  Bag with a flat bottom and double short handles. Can be any size. Handcrafted Bag Satchel of Genuine Alligator Leather with Jewelry Accessories by MJ

Exclusive Bag of Brazil Caiman Handcrafted by MJ

Leather bags in a single copy. Each bag is unique. Bags are available for individual orders, with all individual wishes in design. Only handmade and precious materials - natural exotic leather, gold, silver, diamonds. Bag Crocodile VIP Edition Single Copy by MJ

Bag of iguana skin with head and paws. This exotic. Bags, briefcases, purses, purses and other accessories in the distinctive design. Handbags and accessories made from exotic skins of reptiles with head, paws, tails, spikes, fangs ... MJ Luxury Bag & Accessories Made of Exotic Leather with Leg, Head, Tail etc.

Exclusive briefcases and handbags of all types of black crocodile skin in matte, glossy, lacquer, semi matte and suede design. Any species of crocodile in black. Black Nile crocodile, black porosus, black Siamese crocodile, black oris, black Colombian crocodile, black alligator, black caiman, black fusc, bebilos black, black gharial, black yakare and others. Exclusive Briefcase & Bag Black Crocodile Leather by MJ.

Exclusive bags of woven leather crocodile - caiman, crocodile, alligator etc. Possible combination of different kinds of exotic leather. Mix Crocodile Skin Bag Braided Leather by MJ.

Bag of Cayman spiked natural skin color. Exclusive Bag Made of Genuine Caiman Leather by MJ

VIP Bag for Laptops Made of Red Crocodile Leather by MJ. Individual orders any color exotic leather.

Luxury Bag for Notebook of Genuine Crocodile Hornback Leather Horizontal Design by MJ

Briefcase Bag unisex leather caiman crocodile sea. Individual design of laptop bags, pads, folders, documents, and other accessories.   Any skin colors and accessories. Bags for notebooks, laptops and tablets of all sizes.   From small bags for the smallest plates 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 inches. To huge bags for classical and large notebook 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, and 25 inches. Unisex Bags for Laptops and Tablets Made of Caiman, Crocodile, Alligator and Other Reptile Skins

Exclusive sets of bags, clutches, cosmetic bags, wallets, business card holders and other accessories made from exotic leathers by MJ. Leather stingray, crocodile, shark, conger eel, python, monitor lizard, elephant, ostrich ...

Exclusive women handbags crocodile. Valve bags made from a single tail of a crocodile. Exclusive Lady's Bag Crocodile Leather - Exotic Tail Style by MJ

Exclusive Small Briefcase Made of Alligator Leather by MJ

VIP leather bags handmade with any number of internal and external departments. Individual orders any subspecies of skin colors, sizes, design etc. Manually Customize Bag Single Edition by MJ.

MJ Exotic Leather Bag - Genuine Skins Crocodiles, Caimans, Alligators, Cobras, Anacondas, Karungs, Sea Snakes, Sea Eels, Fishes, Pythons, Stingrays, Ostriches, Sharks, Elephants, Iguanas, Lizards, Hippos, Buffalos, Bisons, Deers, Kangaroos, Furs etc. See also catalog of exotic fur and leather premium - www.skin.mj777.com

Bowling Bag Bowling Bag of pink crocodile leather with accessories in pink gold 888-th sample.
Sufficiently large and roomy bag. Model bags Bowling Bag was originally designed it that way - it was transferred to a bowling ball, which required the corresponding form. However, over time, this kind of bags became an independent fashion trend. Individual orders any models of bags. Any size bags. Any kinds of colors and exotic skins. Exclusive Bowling Bag Customize Edition by MJ

Only individual orders for VIP customers. Only handmade. Only luxury quality. MJ Bag Made of Red Caiman Leather with Sterling Silver 925

Exclusive Sewing Briefcase Bag Made for Individual Order of Skins Crocodile, Caiman, Alligator etc.

Brown leather briefcases caiman, crocodile, alligator etc. Any color & size portfolios for individual orders.

Luxury leather handbags caiman, crocodile, alligator on individual orders. Individual orders is possible to produce large sets of bags, belts, shoes, and other accessories. Luxury Bag of Crocodile Hides - Caiman, Crocodile, Alligator for Customize by MJ

Crocodile leather bag purple, lilac, violet, purple, cherry, burgundy and other colors. Exclusive bag hand-made of crocodile leather of all colors for individual orders. In Art Studio MJ presented more than 5000 different colors and types of leather and fur. Exclusive Bag Crocodile Leather Customize Edition by MJ

Crocodile leather bag handmade. Fittings made of precious metals. Manufacture of bags elite class for individual orders. Crocodile leather bag handmade. Fittings made of precious metals. Manufacture of bags elite class for individual orders. www.exclusive-mj.com

Handy author of caiman skin. Handmade. Lock and stainless steel fittings. Individual orders production handbag any colors and sizes of crocodile skin. Exclusive purses alligator leather purses caiman crocodile purses etc. Handbags with any kind of offices. Pockets and compartments for your phone, tablet, documents pistol grips, flash drives and any other accessories chosen by the customer. Design Gunbag / Handbag Made of Caiman, Alligator, Crocodile Leather by MJ

Handy with leather hand strap. Handy black leather crocodile, caiman or alligator. Bracelet Bag or Wristlet - a small bag, which has a brief handle - optional soft or hard. Designed for a minimum of things - money, cell phone, etc. Among the men's bags, this model still known under the name "Handy". Convenient because in a situation where you need your hands free, it is easy to put on the brush as a bracelet or take armpit. Are available for individual orders of any kind of skin. MJ Exclusive Hand-bag Made of Crocodiles Leather

Universal Bag of Green Crocodile Leather Premium Quality by MJ

Bag handbags (or Handheld bag) - a small bag with no handles. Possible issue with short arms and removable shoulder strap. Handheld Bag Reptile Leather Made of Caiman, Crocodile, Alligator etc.

Bag of the most expensive in the world of skin - the rarest subspecies of crocodile skin - royal oris. Interior trim bags are also made from natural smooth leathers.

Exclusive Range of alligator handbags. Backstrap leather elite class of MJ. Handmade by individual order. Any colors and sizes of bags. Exclusive Army Design Bag of Alligator Back Strap Skin Manually Assembled

Bag over his shoulder. City business bag. Bag for the driver. Unisex design. Crocodile leather spiked head. Only exclusive handbags individual cut and hand-assembled. May be any color and size.
MJ Premium Bag Unisex Design Manually Assemble of Genuine Crocodile Head Rock Bone


Exclusive clutch crocodile from Art Studio MJ. Clutch (or Clutch) - small flat bag, designed to accompany its owner for events that do not need to have a lot of things. Recently, however, the popularity has grown so clutches that of a little "purse" design models have increased significantly.
Individual orders in all sizes and colors clutches luxury class.

Elite Clutch Crocodile Leather Small Bag with White Gold Chain by MJ

Exclusive clutch handbag crocodile skin smooth all colors from Art Studio MJ. Individual orders elite part reptile skin - belly crocodile, alligator or caiman. It is also possible the production of cosmetic bags of exotic skin - alligator, python, stingray, lizard, cobra etc. Exclusive Bag Clutch & Cosmetic Case Made of Crocodile Belly Side Leather, Alligator, Python, Ray, Lizard, Cobra etc. Gift by MJ

Designer clutches of genuine crocodile skin tanned. Unique style clutches gives natural texture and pattern saved and reptile skin color. All skin premium international organizations CITES certified and US Wild Life. Design Clutch Handmade of Natural Crocodile Leather by MJ

Exclusive clutch bag made from glossy black crocodile leather. Production clutches individual order lacquer and matte leather reptiles. MJ Exclusive Customize Clutch of Glazed of Matte Crocodile Leather Black Color

Large clutch bag blue alligator from Art Studio MJ. Closing is like wrapping the skin. Very beautiful and unusual. Made from whole skins alligator caiman crocodile or by the customer. Handcrafted Big Clutch of Dark Blue Alligator Skin by MJ


Bag box made of platinum, silver leather and Swarovski crystals in an exclusive edition of the Art Studio MJ. Model of a series of exclusive handbags Diamonds Edition encrusted with real diamonds. Shkatulaka bag, bag-box "cigar box" - fully rigid evening ladies handbag, opens like a case (or cigar box, as it was called in the West). Lately, these babes are popular, sometimes it seems like they took the baton from the clutches of style. Exclusive Cigar Box of Silver Genuine Leather Inlaid Platinum, Crystal Swarovski or Diamonds

Leather field bag. Tablet bag handmade from Art Studio MJ  Bag flatbed crocodile red. Vertical version is very similar to standard military bags. Horizontal bag closer models Messenger bag.
Field Bag Crocodile Leather Red Color by MJ.

Exclusive Crocodile Hide Bag Limited Edition by MJ

Luxury bag baguette alligator blue from Art Studio MJ. Individual orders all kinds of exotic leather handmade, various shades of sky blue and light or dark blue and any other colors. Elite Baguette Blue Crocodile Leather Single Edition by MJ.

Baguette bag of crocodile skin - yellow caiman crocodile yellow, yellow alligator.  Baguette bag (or baguette) - elongated bag handle one medium - to wear on the shoulder or in your hand. Any proportion of the model of the bag. Width for individual orders may be twice the height, and then all three or four times. Design bags baguette, old as the world, but at the same time, it is unlikely he ever cease to attract new fans, because is a classic. And when this bag baguette handmade, so exotic leathers, it's a timeless classic exclusive. Exclusive Baguette Crocodilians Leather Classic VIP Edition by MJ

Designer bag baguette crocodile pink handmade. Individual orders all kinds of exotic skins, of various shades of pink and any other colors. Exclusive Baguette Pink Crocodile Leather Classic VIP Edition by MJ

Designer bag made of crocodile skin handmade. Sewing bags for individual orders from crocodile skin, caiman, alligator and other exotic species. MJ Design Bag of Crocodiles Leather Handcrafted.

Author bag patent leather alligator case with inlay emblems and logos. Individual orders the manufacture of bags alligator luxury class jewelry decoration family coat of arms, initials, monograms and symbols of other precious metals and stones from the Art Studio MJ. MJ Individual Personalized Bag with Customized Emblems & Logos of Precious Metals & Gems by MJ

Bags of this emerald crocodile. Only leather rarest reptile species. Manufacture of bags of all sizes and designs according to individual client's standards. MJ Bag Made of Unique Rarest Reptile Leather Customize Edition

Exclusive Bag Dark Brown Caiman Leather with Beige Gold 22kt by MJ

Exclusive Bag Shark Leather by Art-Studio MJ. Bag of shark skin black. Any sizes and models of bags from MJ. Portfolios for individual orders, diplomat, purses, belts, shoes and other accessories made of shark skin.

Laptop Bags of shark skin brown. Any color on individual order - black shark, white shark, gray shark, blue shark, etc.

Small or large baguette bag clutch of genuine sharkskin. Baguette bag to wear on the shoulder or in your hand - the elongated bag strap or handle one medium. The width of more than twice the height. Classic models of bags of shark skin. Big Clutch or Small Baguette Exotic Shark Skin by MJ

Exclusive leather bag yellow conger eel from the Art Studio MJ. Any color skin conger eel - red, white, black, burgundy, gray blue, green, gold, silver etc. Bag Yellow Sea Eel Skins by MJ Limited Edition

Bag of Fashion Leather Sea Eel Brown Color by MJ

Diplomat case made of black leather conger eel. Most leather trend of our time. Any model diplomats for customize individual orders. Sea Eel Leather Attaché Case Handcrafted by MJ

Attache case of genuine leather eel. Any internally exclusive content diplomats. Compartments for business cards, credit and business cards, documents, passports, phones, pens, calculator, tablet etc.
Interior made of any material premium - nubuck, suede, kid, calf leather, alcantara etc. Exclusive Attaché Case Sea Eel Skin by Art-Studio MJ

Business diplomat from conger eel skin black. Diplomats of all sizes. Under any number of offices.
Individual orders made for diplomatic kits. Classic set of diplomat, belt and shoe leather in one style and one color. Elite Attaché Case of Genuine Sea Eel Leather by MJ

Designer Attaché Case Genuine Leather Brown Caramel by MJ

Luxury Handbags from conger eel skins of different colors. Any combination of colors for individual orders. Exclusive Bag Sea Eel Leather Mix Color by MJ

VIP Hand Bag Sea Eel Leather Dark Green Color by MJ

Genuine leather conger eel and other exotic species burgundy leather - conger eel, crocodile, alligator, python, stingray etc. exclusive sewing bags of any color and shade of burgundy and purple - bright burgundy, light burgundy, maroon, acid- burgundy, pale purple, burgundy, wine, lilac, purple, plum, cherry, light purple, dark purple, pale burgundy, purple neon, amethyst, glycerol, persian blue, indigo, purple denim, dark purple, gray-brown-crimson, rotten cherry, eggplant, orchid, violet, fuchsia, violet- purple, cerise, Pius, raspberry, bismarck furioso, carmine, cardinal, rusty purple, warm and cold shades of purple and burgundy, maroon metallic, pearl burgundy, claret matte, glossy burgundy, burgundy suede, burgundy nail polish, nubuck and burgundy shades and other types of exotic leather tanning violet and purple colors. MJ Exclusive Bags Purple & Bordeaux Exotic Leather - Sea Eel, Crocodile, Alligator, Python, Stingray etc.

Exclusive leather hobo bag conger eel purple. Hobo bag she's hobo bag has a semi-circular shape of the walls. Semicircular silhouette bags Hobo done in hard or soft version. Exclusive Hobo Exotic Leather - Sea Eel Skin by MJ

Exclusive Seal Eel Leather Bag Handmade Edition by MJ

Bag sewn from eel skins of different colors. A combination of different types of exotic leather.
Findings of silver or white gold. Chance decor pearls, mother of pearl, amber etc.
MJ Crosslinked Color Leather Sea Eel, Crocodile, Shark, Python, Ray, Cobra, Lizard etc.

Exclusive leather cosmetic conger eel blue. May be closed for cosmetic zipper purse or clip. Individual orders of any size and beauticians all colors of exotic leathers. MJ Exclusive Beauticians Leather Cosmetic Case Sea Eel, Anaconda, Crocodile, Sea Snake, Hippo. Elephant, Karung, Iguana etc.

Classic clutch handbag-red leather folder conger eel and other species of exotics from Art Studio MJ.
Variety clutch in which the upper valve is bent or folded. Can be of different sizes, with or without handle. Clutch with pockets and partitions for documents, business and credit cards, cosmetics, mirrors, keys, phone etc. Classic Bag Clutch (Fold Over Clutch) Made of Red Sea Eel & Other Exotic Leather by Handmade MJ

Luxury cosmetics from exotic leathers of all colors with accessories of silver or gold. Individual orders beauticians any size and any type of skin and fur: ocean eel, caiman, alligator, python, rhino, hippo, monitor lizard, fish, ostrich, tripe of buffalo, bison, ermine, sable, mink, pony etc.

MJ Exotic Leather Bags, Clutches, Cosmetic Cases, Cosmetics Bags, Purses, Envelopers, Converts, Folders, Briefcases...

VIP bags made of crocodile and alligator premium quality - Italian dressing. Individual orders in all sizes and colors of skin bags. Handcrafted VIP Bag Made of Crocodile & Alligator Leather Premium Quality Italian Finish & Tanned Skin

Case for iPhone Case and bag-of metallic python skin - gold metallic. Available in various colors gold leather - champagne, vintage gold, glossy gold, matte gold etc. Exclusive sets - handbags, pouches, cases and other accessories for mobile phones from the skin. Catalog and luxury tuned apple iPhone and accessories - www.iphone-luxury.com. Catalog design covers, bags, cases and cases handmade - www.case.mj777.com. MJ Kit VIP Case and Small Bag Made of Genuine Metallic Leather - Golden Python Skin

Bag leather viper & other exotic snakes. Flap bag - clutch reptile skin handmade. Exclusive Bag Made of Genuine Viper Leather by Art-Studio MJ.

Exclusive Bag made of Exotic Water Snake, Marine Snake, Sea Snake, Salt Water Snake etc.

Glamorous sets of bags and accessories handmade from the skin of crocodiles, caimans, alligators etc. Bags, briefcases, suitcases, bags, rucksacks, suitcases, diplomats, clutches, pouches, bags, boxes, bags, baguettes, beach bags, field handbag, planchette, spectacle cases, covers for documents, leather folders,
straps, belts, butterfly, jackets, suits, shoes and other accessories in the copyright edition of MJ. Covers for passports and covers handmade - www.passport.mj777.com. Exclusive covers and cases for various products - www.cover.mj777.com. VIP purses and wallets made from exotic leathers - www.wallets.mj777.com. Exclusive glasses and luxury cases for glasses - www.glasses.mj777.com. Designer covers for mobile phones and smartphones - www.case.mj777.com. Catalogs of their luxury suite sets art Taming and accessories - www.kit.mj777.com.

Exclusive sets of stingray leather, crocodile, python, monitor lizard, ostrich etc. in the same style. Individual orders production of complete sets of any accessories. Bags, wallets, purses, key holders, business card holders, belts, shoes, boots, clothing & any accessories. Catalog of sets jewelry, appliances & accessories - www.kit.mj777.com. VIP accessories - www.accessories.mj777.com. Portfolio of luxury clothes & accessories of exotic skins - www.clothes.mj777.com

Dry Bag for tablets with studs or spikes made of platinum or gold. Models series Diamond Edition decorated classic or fancy diamonds. Exclusive bags, cases and pouches for tablets leather and precious metals in an extreme style. Catalog tablets apple iPad and accessories tuning edition of MJ - www.ipad.mj777.com. Product Catalog of erotic themes and rocker - www.sex-shop.mj777.com

Glamorous bag of pink and purple crocodile alligator. Trendy and glamorous handbags combined from different colors and types of leather. Individual orders any styles and colors of bags leather or fur. Crocodile, alligator, caiman, python, monitor lizard, beaver's tail, ostrich, iguana, stingray, cobra, eel ...
Fashion Bags of Different Skin & Colors by MJ.

Natural Python Leather Bag Customize Edition by MJ. Any Size-bags, from very small to extra large.

Bags made of natural mink fur with tiger color.  On individual production order any bags and accessories from a variety of classic and exotic furs. Bags made of mink, burguzin sable, foxes, bobcats, llama, rabbit, chinchilla, leopard, zebra, brown bear, polar bear, pony, nutria, seal, sheepskin, muskrat, orilag, ocelot, wolverines, buffalo, bison, goats, kangaroos, seal, jackal, chinchilla, mole, martens, marginalized, zebras, alpacas, badger, wolf, otter, muskrat, wild cat, jungle cat, giraffe, raccoon, beaver, broadtail, rex, coyote, leopard, panther, lion, jaguar, tiger, cheetah, fox, ermine and other species by Art Studio MJ.

Exclusive bag of skunk skins. Most unusual bags. The most exclusive materials. VIP class bags are made from the rarest handmade fur auction. Tailoring exclusive handbags fur, skins and furs premium. Mink Black Nafa, Sable, Lynx, Arctic Fox, Polar Fox, Gold Fox, Smokey Fox, Blue Frost, Lama, Rabbit, Broadtail, Shadow Fox, Gold Cross Fox, Pony, Marmot, Jackal, Chinchilla, Suslik, Lynx Cat, Ondatra, Orilag, Ocelot, Wolverine, Opossum, Jungle Cat, Nutria, Coypu, Seal, Tiger, Fisher, Skunk, Wolf, Karakul Astrakhan, Beaver, Rex, Raccoon, Coyote, Bear, Zebra, Leopard, Panther, Porpoising, Silver Fox etc. Only Handcrafted Bag by MJ

Unique bags made of a unique skin. Bags of royal crocodile. Crocodile leather elite class royal Oris - a specially selected top-class skins without defect. Accessories for similar bags available only in 18-carat gold & diamond identifiers. Royal Crocodile Leather Bag Gold Edition with Diamond Id by MJ

Copyright bags from the ridge of African crocodile skin in combination with a hippopotamus. The combination of the most unusual and exotic materials in bags of Art Judge MJ. Lux Bag Made of Exotic & Rarest Genuine Materials by MJ

Luxury leather travel bag anaconda brown, black, red, blue, blue, white, pink and other colors. Travel bag - the name speaks for itself - the bulk bag to transport a lot of things for travel. Is produced from various types of skin snakes - bags of anacondas, pythons, cobras, sea snakes, karung, viper etc. Luxury Duffel Bag Made of Anaconda Leather by MJ

Bag of natural mink fur black. Luxurious and elegant bags of all types of furs luxury class. Exclusive Genuine Fur Mink Bag Limited Edition from MJ

Bag messenger-bag ostrich leather and buffalo. Handmade any color. Vintage leather tanning. Pigmented skin. Bags for lovers of unique things. The bag can be made to order special departments for the tablet, laptop, mouse and other accessories.


Messenger bag leather hippo and buffalo. Postman's bag design - bag with flap and shoulder. Roomy bag everyday, it is very popular among men and often worn on the wide handle or over your shoulder, making them look more sporty. Special chic makes this model exotic leather handbags. Bag can be released in different kinds of exotic skins like monochrome or inserts another color and texture. Only individual orders and handmade. MJ Exotic Leather Messenger Bag Hippo. Elephant, Shark, Bison, Buffalo etc.

Messenger Bag Crocodile & Calf Skins Handcraft Customize by MJ

Genuine Crocodile Leather Red Color VIP Bag by MJ

Elegant bag sack crocodile premium. Premium leather 1st category as. Handmade. Only the big reptiles.
Roomy bag shaped bag, often with an open top and a strap for carrying on the shoulder.
Elegant Bucket Bag High Quality Fist Grade Top Class by MJ

Ostrich leather bag. Large very roomy bag. Individual orders VIP bags ostrich skin is all sizes and colors. Luxury Ostrich Leather Bag Single Edition by MJ

VIP small handbag of crocodile skin. Bags with zippers. Mini travel bags. Universal cases. Male and female models. Small bags with pockets and sections for money, phone, documents, keys, small things etc. MJ Small Hand Bag VIP Edition Made of Crocodile Leather

Bag of whole hides of cow, buffalo, bison, yak, deer, kangaroo, camel etc. Luxury Fashion Bag Made of Exclusive Slim Fur Hides by MJ

Clutch handbag of crocodile skin design cut. The combination of all colors and design of crocodile skin for individual orders. Genuine Crocodile Leather Clutch Crocodile Leather Crosslink Skin by MJ

Alligator clutch with gold chain intertwined with leather. Any design and colors of the skin according to individual orders. Exclusive Clutch Alligator Leather with Gold Chain by MJ

Handy classic ostrich leather gray. Business model - unisex. Small everyday accessory elite class.
Business Handbag Unisex Grey Ostrich Leather by MJ

Fashion Lady's Bag Sky Blue & Torques Ostrich Leather by MJ

VIP bag of yellow ostrich leather. Findings of rhodium sterling silver. Individual orders any color ostrich leather from Art Studio MJ. Yellow Ostrich Skin Bag Handcrafted with Sterling Silver by MJ.

Luxury Handbag Made of Red Ostrich Leather and White Gold 750

Handy bag with leather strap on his arm. Ostrich leather black. Genuine Leather Black Ostrich Leather Gun Bag VIP Hand Bag by MJ

Unique Kelly Bag Made of Black Ostrich Leather & Black Gold by MJ

Luxury Handbags basket. Lilac ostrich leather. Individual orders ostrich leather green, blue, pink, magenta, purple, beige, white, black, burgundy, brown, gray, yellow, and any color shade. Bag Lilac Ostrich Leather Premium Edition by MJ

Dark Brown Ostrich Leather Bag Elite Edition by MJ

Extravagant bag of gold ostrich leather. Findings of palladium 850k carat. Only handmade. Luxury for the elite bespoke. Luxurious Bag - Golden Leather Ostrich Leather with Palladium Inlaid by MJ

Stylish bag in black ostrich leather and gold findings by MJ

Luxury Bag Grey Ostrich Skin by MJ

Dark Red Bag of Exclusive Lacquer Ostrich Leather Glossy Design by MJ

Author hobo black ostrich leather semimatte. Design Hobo Black Ostrich Semi Matte Leather by MJ

Diplomat bag of red ostrich leather. Any color ostrich leather to individual orders. Exclusive Ostrich Leather Attaché Case by MJ

Genuine Ostrich Leather Attaché Case by MJ. Manually made of genuine ostrich leather of all colors.

Handmade Tote Bag Ostrich Leather by MJ. Tote bag - an everyday bag has two handles and is very roomy. Bag of this type can be of any size, with minimalist stylish clasp.

Satchel bag made of white ostrich leather. Findings of titanium and gold darkening. Satchel bag - as Messenger bag, too, over his shoulder and a belt. Classically - this school or student backpack in a simple style. Art Studio MJ bags Satchel plays differently, and can produce "pack" is very interesting & unconventional design of any exotic leathers of all colors. Classic Satchel White Ostrich Leather by MJ

Designer's Briefcase Made of Black Ostrich Skin by MJ

Exclusive portfolio of genuine ostrich leather of all colors. Bordeaux, rotten cherry, purple, mauve, mahogany, and any other colors. Buckles, classic or lock code and other fittings-cast gold. Exclusive Gold Brief Case Ostrich Hide Customize Color Edition by MJ

Briefcase Made of Genuine Ostrich leather

Genuine Ostrich Leather Brown Color - Briefcase VIP Edition by MJ

Luxury briefcases diplomats from matte black ostrich leather. Individual orders any model bags diplomats from all types of skin, all colors. VIP Handcrafted Bag Briefcase Made of Matte Ostrich Leather Black Edition by MJ

Trendy bag pouch for laptop and accessories of semi-gloss black ostrich leather. Individual orders any model bags diplomats from all skin types, all colors. Luxury Bag Briefcase Made of Semi Glazed Ostrich Leather Black Edition by MJ.

Bag leather ostrich legs. Exclusive Leather Brigandine any color. Bag Made of Ostrich Leg Handmade Edition by MJ.

Exclusive Bag Ostrich Leg Skins or Small Bird Leg Skins by MJ

Author Design Bag Made of Genuine Sea Eel Leather by MJ

Lux Bag Made of Red Stingray & Scarlet Buffalo Skin by Art Studio MJ

Planchette bag brown leather pearl stingray. Field bag, (bag-planchette) - a tablet-type bag made of genuine leather. Individual orders may perform bags-planchettes any modifications. Vertical option is based on the design of the standard military bags. Horizontal version of an analogue field bags Messenger Bag. Exclusive Field Bag Made of Genuine Pearl Stingray Leather

Stingray leather bag white and black. Designer handbags made from exotic leathers handmade. Individual orders can be a combination of any kinds and colors of skin. Elite Bag Made of Genuine Stingray Leather White and Black Color by MJ

Exotic bags of different subspecies stingray leather. Leather bags Siamese stingray, stingray pearl, stream online ramp Row stone ramp electric ray, stingray disc, round shape stingray, stingray shagreen etc. Exotic Bag Made of Mix Type Stingray Leather by MJ

Luxurious bag made of genuine leather stingray pearl. Individual orders issued both - skins with white eyes and without. Luxury Bag Made of Genuine Pearl Stingray Leather by MJ

Exclusive Bag Made of Gold, Silver and Stingray Leather by MJ

Women's bag of gold stingray leather (metallic), or yellow stingray leather. Bag handbags (Handheld bag) - a small handbag with short handles. Lady's Gun Bag Hand Bag Made of Golden Stingray Leather - VIP Handheld Bag Handcrafted by MJ

Kelly bag from the vip tanned stingray leather, with a lock of platinum gold 777k carat. Exclusive Kelly's Bag Stingray Polished & Sanded Leather by MJ

Classic Satchel Handbag polished stingray leather. Bag with a flat bottom and double short handles. Can be any size. Classic Bag Satchel Stingray Leather by MJ

Exclusive Leather Bag Handcrafted. Genuine Stingray Skin by MJ

Luxury Bag Exotic Stingray Leather Top Class by MJ

Tote Bag Stingray Leather. Designer casual bag, very roomy and it is very elegant. Elite Tote Bag Made of Genuine Stingray Leather by MJ

Stingray leather bags and bison. This exotic premium. Bag Made of Genuine Stingray & Bison Leather.

Bag ring of dark green stingray leather and bamboo handles. Bag ring (Ring Bag) - a bag that is used as a handle ring. Individual orders skin of any color, and handle rings may be of red or black wood, birch wood, bamboo, carbon, gold, silver, skin on a rigid foundation and other luxurious and valuable materials from MJ. Exclusive Ring Bag Made of Exotic Leather & Precious Materials by MJ

Bag of dark blue stingray leather. Individual orders any color. Most diverse and exclusive models of stingray leather bags and other exotics. Stylish Stingray Leather Bag by MJ

Collection bags and clutches stingray leather and accessories from the latest white gold alloy 777k. Luxury Bag by Art-Studio MJ

Clutch Stingray Leather Handcrafted by MJ

Exclusive Brief-bag Made of Malaysian Stingray by MJ

Elite Man's Bags & Briefcases Made of Genuine Leather Stingray, Crocodile, Python, Elephant, Shark, Ostrich, Cobra etc.

Elite Business Briefcase Genuine Stingray Leather by MJ

Exclusive and practical portfolios of exotic leathers - stingray, crocodile, python, ostrich, shark etc. Any types and skin colors for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ

Exclusive vip-expensive gifts and business accessories: men's briefcases and handbags. Handmade Briefcase by MJ - Stingray Polished Skin

Exclusive leather men's and women's briefcases and bags. Hand-made to order. The possibility of applying encrusted or cliche (drawing, lettering, initials, logo, logo).

Exclusive Portfolio VIP Briefcase Made of Stingray by MJ

Modern design and stylish cut will satisfy any, even the most demanding buyer. A big thanks to our assortment of exotic skins, each buyer can buy a leather briefcase ideally suited to his image and style. Bags and portfolios of stingray leather, crocodile, python, monitor lizard, ostrich, shark, eel, frogs, alligators and other species from the Art Studio MJ. Luxury & Fashion Bag & Briefcase VIP Edition by Art-Studio MJ

Luxury Handbags from different kinds of stingray leather and gold accessories. Individual orders any species and subspecies of stingray leather. Torpediniformes, Torpedinidae, Narkidae, Manta Ray, Pristiformes, Pristidae, Rajiformes, Rajidae, Rhinidae, Myliobatiformes, Platyrhinidae, Platyrhinoidis triseriata, Hexatrygonidae, Urolophidae, Dasyatididae, Myliobatididae, Gymnuridae, Potamotrygonidae, Urotrygonidae, Dasyatis Bleekeri) - Stingray, Shagreen, Crust, Hard Finish, Art Deco Finish, Art Nouveau, Bone Ray, Row Stone Stingray, Long Shape Stingray, Round Shape Stingray etc. Exclusive Bag Briefcase Made of Gold & Exotic Stingray Leather by MJ

Brief case Portfolios of stingray leather with pearl accessories from the 750 or 999-th carat.
Brief Bag Made of Genuine Pearl Stingray Skin with Gold Accessories 18k or 24ct

Briefcase of Stingray Leather by MJ

V.I.P. bags of handmade lux ray skin by MJ. Copyright Bag Made of Indonesian Stingray Leather Handcrafted Hide

Department unisex bags stingray leather and other exotics. Universal Unisex Bag Made of Stingray Skin & Other Exotic Skin by MJ

Messenger Bag Made of Stingray Leather by MJ

Exclusive Bag - Laptop Messenger stingray leather with accessories of platinum gold 777-th carat
Exclusive Messenger Bag Stingray Skin with Platinum Gold 777 by MJ

Fashion and designer briefcases and handbags for vip golden youth and students. Bags for notebooks and textbooks. Stingray leather bag with accessories made of precious metals. Fashion & Design Briefcase & Bag Stingray Leather with Precious Metals by MJ.

Designer leather briefcases pearl stingray and Indonesian buffalo. Exclusive Briefcases Bag Pear Stingray & Indonesian Buffalo Leather by MJ.

Exclusive Cases-python skin bags for all types of racquets. Cases for rackets for tennis, table tennis ping pong, squash, badminton etc. Bags under one or more racquets. Produced from any species of exotic skins. Individual orders any color, any model covers. any size. See also catalog exclusive sports equipment - www.sport.mj777.com

Bag for the rifle of conger eel skin dark blue. Sporting and hunting bags, covers, cases for tennis rackets, golf clubs for hockey or golf, billiard cue, bowling balls, rackets for ping-pong and badminton, darts, darts, balls, pistols, shotguns, and any other hunting and sports equipment.
Are available for individual orders from any species of exotic skins. Any size bags. Any form of bags. Any color bags. Exclusive Bag Case of Sea Eel Genuine Leather - Tennis, Golf, Billiard, Weapons etc. Catalogue Collection weapons, holsters carrying cases - www.weapon.mj777.com. Wheelchair exclusive games and sports equipment - www.games.mj777.com

Backpacks for golf clubs and tennis rackets. Bags for sports equipment from exotic skins. Backpacks for individual orders of all shapes and sizes from crocodile skin, python, stingray, ostrich, iguana, elephant etc. Lux Crocodile Leather - Sport Bag - Tennis and Golf and others for Individual Order by MJ

Luxury edition VIP leather accessories sea snake - Purse and soft case with zipper for a any internet tablets. VIP Accessories MJ Luxury Edition Made of Sea Snake Leather - Apple iPad Soft Case with Wallet

Bag leather turtle. Fittings-cast gold 777-th carat. Extreme Exotic Skin - Bag Made of Turtle Leather & Gold 777 by MJ

Genuine leather sea turtle and fittings of the 14 carat gold. Classic handbags, vintage handbags and other leather accessories turtles. Vintage Turtle Leather Bag Exclusive Edition by MJ

Exclusive bags - pouches, bags, folders, folder - clutch, bags, envelopes of leather snake handmade. Bags made from python, anaconda, karung, viper, rattlesnake, sea snakes, cobras and other species. Individual orders Bags for tablets, laptops and other gadgets all brands: Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 etc. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, ATIV Tab, ATIV SmartPC Pro, Blackberry Play, Microsoft Surface, Pocket Book, Google Nexus, Huawei MediaPad, Viewsonic, ViewPad, Asus Eee Pad, Asus Transformer Pad, Apple Mac Book Pro, Apple Macbook Air, Asus Zenbook, Archos Arnova, Prestigio MultiPad, Barnes & Noble Nook HD, HP Slate, HP ElitePad, 3Q Qoo, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Sony Vaio, Amazon Kindle Fire, Lenovo IdeaPad, Bliss Pad, Digma, Texet, Ritmix, MSI Enjoy, MSI WindPad, ZTE, Acer Iconia and other firms and models. Exclusive Bag Case for Tablets.by Handcrafted Art studio MJ.

Luxury bag of very exotic and rare species of toads and frogs skin. Fittings made of black gold 666-th sample. Extreme luxury. Ultra Luxury Bag Made Extreme Exotic Leather Frog and Toad Skin

Luxurious set of bags case for laptop smartphone and tablets. Case for Apple iPhone, Bag for Apple MacBook and cover for Apple iPad. Luxury laptop bags, cases and cases of pink, red, blue, black, brown, white skin. Any color python, monitor lizard, ostrich, crocodile, alligator, stingray, elephant, shark, buffalo, bison, eel etc. Copyright accessories for all models of phones, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets all brands. Apple, Vertu, Sony, Tag-Heuer, Samsung, LG, Prada, Dior, Blackberry, Porsche Design, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Bellperre, Ulysse Nardin, Goldvish, Lenovo, Acer, Ferrari, HP, Compaq, Philips, Panasonic, Versace, Asus, Lamborghini, HTC, Gucci, Armani etc. Catalog of exclusive jewelery sets, hi-tech devices and accessories - www.set.mj777.com. Catalog tuned phones and accessories for iphone - www.iphone-luxury.com. Catalog exclusive tablets and bags for different gadgets - www.ipad.mj777.com. Catalog modding laptops and laptop bags - www.notebook777.com. Luxury Set of Python Leather Accessories - Bag, Case for iPhone, and Book-Cover for iPad

Handbag and shoes made of genuine snake skin. Author sets their bags and shoes python, anaconda, viper, cobra etc. Lux Kit Snake Leather - Bag & Shoes Handcrafted. Catalog of exclusive shoes - www.shoes.mj777.com

Exclusive leather bag water snake. Bag of karung with lock of platinum and emerald. Genuine Karung Leather Bag with Unique Jewelry Accessories of Platinum and Emeralds Handmade Water Snake Bag Single Edition for Customize by MJ

Designer backpack of gold python skin. Exclusive backpacks, hiking bags, satchels of exotic leathers.
Backpacks of all sizes from the large tourist 100-150 liters, to tiny rucksacks. Exclusive backpack, rucksack, knapsack, packsack made of genuine exotic leather

Exclusive bags and accessories handmade by individual orders. Any kinds of handbags and accessories. Traveling bags, traveling bag, traveling bag, briefcase, backpack, knapsack, Handy, kelly bag, bowling bag, bulk bag, tote bag, hobo bag, saddlebag, shoulder bag, bag postman bag, messenger bag, handbags, bag bracelet, clutch, bag box, beach bag, handbag baguette, pouch, handbag, field bag
tablet bag, bag ring, bag bag, clutch and any other bags and accessories. The production uses exotic leathers, classic kind of leather, microfiber and tissues premium for yachts and expensive cars - dynamics, alcantara, nappa, monza, aquamarine etc. EXCLUSIVELY - CUSTOMIZE BAGS & ACCESSORIES HANDCRAFTED by MJ. www.set.mj777.com

Bag of fish skin. For the manufacture of bags are different types of fish skin. Unique freshwater and marine species - fish queens, carp, pike, carius, trout, tilapia, giant gourami, perch, carp, royal stacks, sturgeon, beluga, sturgeon, fish hammer stingray, shark, salmon, sea scorpion, astaire ...

Extreme luxury bags of real gold. Mail gold, platinum or silver. Only individual orders and handmade
Ultra Luxury - Gold Bags & Accessories for Customize by MJ. Handcrafted Bags Made of Gold, Platinum or Silver with Decorate of Diamonds & Gems.

Exclusive Bags Made of Reticulated Python Skin, Burmese Python Skin, Molurus Bivittatus, Green Python, King Zoom, Royal Python & Other Pythons & Boa Exotic Snakes (Front Cut, Back Cut).

Glamorous clutch - leather, gold, diamonds - denim couture. Unique clutch bags, large purses, wallets, small bags for individual orders. Model series of luxury handbags Swarovski Edition decorated with Swarovski crystals. Model of a series of VIP bags MJ Brilliant Edition decorated with real diamonds.
Exclusive Clutch Brilliant Edition by Art-Studio MJ

Handy of natural non dyed crocodile skin. The original natural color. Exclusive purses and handbags without visible hardware. Without metal, lightning, and only the inner magnet. Handbag Natural Hornback Crocodile Leather - Not Unbleached - Crust Hide

Exclusive leather envelope bag iguana and monitor lizard. Envelopes bags, clutches envelopes, envelopes, covers and cases envelopes handmade by MJ. Male and female models of bags envelopes. Any colors and sizes and proportions of the envelopes. Also available in model envelopes specifically for laptops, tablets, and any other gadgets. Luxury Envelope Bag Exotic Leather Limited Edition by MJ

Royal set of leather cobra head - wallet, keychain, housekeeper, for coins, credit etc. Author sets any configuration. The kit can include any number of products by the customer. Royal Set Made of Genuine Cobra Leather with Head - Purse, Key Chain, Key Holder, Coin Holder, Visit Hard Holder etc. See also exclusive sets of various equipment, accessories, souvenirs, jewelry ... - www.set.mj777.com

Leather handmade set of cover for your phone, purse and belt. All products are manufactured according to individual customer measurements. Timing of any size (jeans, pants, any width and length) - www.belts.mj777.com. Pouches, wallets & cases for all models of phones - www.case.mj777.com. Wallets and purses for any number of branches, card, trivia, documents - www.wallets.mj777.com. Sea Snake Leather Set of Mobile Phone Case, Wallet & Belt Handcrafted by MJ - www.set.mj777.com

Men's purses alligator, crocodile, caiman etc. Handbags with any number of departments and sections. Luxury for the elite. Only handmade and exotic materials from the Art Studio MJ. Exotic/Luxury - Hand Bags Made of Alligator, Crocodile, Caiman Leather by MJ

Messenger bag alligator tail. Shoulder bag their exclusive materials. Accessories and decorative items made of ivory, mammoth ivory, fossilized bones of dinosaurs, teeth and tusks of tiger, leopard, cougar, lion, hyena, leopard, bear, zebra, cheetah, coyote etc. Hand-crafted Messenger Bag Alligator Tail Leather with Exotic Bones, Ivory & Fossils by MJ

Elite Bag Made of Crocodile with Head

Watchband Case for smartphone, wallet, passport cover, and other accessories. Tailoring exclusive collections of exotic skin is secreted, iguanas, crocodile, python, stingray, shark etc. Exclusive straps for all models of watches - www.watch.mj777.com. Copyright covers all phones and other devices - www.cover.mj777.com. Elite covers for passports and other documents - www.passport.mj777.com,
Designer purses and wallets handmade - www.wallets.mj777.com, Luxury sets of accessories, jewelry, electronics - www.kit.mj777.com, VIP Kit Exotic Leather Monitor Lizard Single Copy Edition by MJ

Exclusive ladies handbag crocodile tail. Production of unique products from central and caudal part of the crocodile. Exclusive Bag Crocodile Leather with Tail Handcrafted by MJ

Leather case for the guitar. Case alligator and lambskin embossed. Exclusive cases, cases and bags for musical instruments of any skin. crocodile, bison, buffalo, calf, stingray, ostrich, hippopotamus, elephant and other species. Leather Сase for the Guitar and Any Musical Instruments by MJ

Leather suitcase from crocodile. Crocodile leather with studs. Exclusive bags of all sizes and colors of exotic leathers. Suitcases from python, cobra, stingray, alligator, elephant, hippo, giraffe, ostrich etc. Exclusive Suitcase Crocodile Leather by MJ Luxury

Bag of iguana skin with paws and head. Whole lizard skin. Extremely wild style. Decorative elements and strap in woven leather handbags handmade capybaras. Wild Bag Messenger Style Animal Edition Made of Iguana Leather with Legs and Head

Set of genuine python leather - Case for iPhone and book bag for Ipad. Exclusive sets of accessories for smartphones and tablets made from python, crocodile, ostrich, stingray
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Case-Handy for 4 or 8 mobile phone. Bag - Handy leather caiman, crocodile, alligator etc. Sections for individual orders under any number of cell phones, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. MJ Exclusive Hand Bag / Gun Bag for Mobile Phones Made of Caiman, Crocodile, Alligator Leather

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Author handmade handbag of crocodile skin with gold inlay. Individual orders inlay any logos, zodiac signs and other symbols. The possibility of applying encrusted or cliché drawing, lettering, initials, logotypes. Elite Lady Bag Crocodile Skin with Love Gold Amore Incrustation

Luxury handbag and shoes of black python leather handmade. Individual orders all models and sizes of bags and shoes from MJ. Also available accessory belts, wallets, key fobs and other accessories. See also catalog author handmade footwear - www.shoes.mj777.com. Set of Shoes and Bag Made of Genuine Python Leather Black Matte Finish by MJ

Exclusive bag handmade from different pieces of crocodile skin. Leather stitched into a single panel. A combination of different colors and types of leather. A combination of different textures of skin, tanning, volume, pattern, thickness, pattern etc. Bags made of crosslinked and stitched leather crocodile, alligator, caiman, python, ostrich, iguana, elephant etc. Exclusive Bags Made of Crosslinked Skin Stitched Leather by MJ.

Beach bag Jelly leather legs bird peacock, fight chicken, eagle, turkey vulture etc. Beach bags Jelly of exotic leather - crocodile, python, ostrich, eel, stingray etc. Jelly Bag Exotic Leather - Jelly Bag Bird Leg Skin by MJ Handcrafted.

Luxury crocodile bag with a gold emblem of Ukraine. Design as a messenger bag over his shoulder. VIP Crocodile leather bag with gold fittings 750th, 777 th, 888 th and 999-th carats. Individual orders inlay emblems and national symbols of any State. Elite Bag Messenger Design Made of Crocodile Leather with Gold Inlaid Emblems18k to 24k

Diplomatic bag in white crocodile leather with the emblem of the Russian Federation. Elegant briefcase bag of white crocodile leather with accessories made of pure 24-karat gold. Handmade bags of snow-white, breast, neon, beige, light gray leather alligator, caiman, crocodile, python, iguanas, stingray, anacondas, eel, ostrich etc. Individual orders inlays any political, national and business symbols. Elegant Briefcase Made of White Crocodile Leather with Gold Emblems Russian Federation 24 Carat

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Exclusive Handmade Bags from the Art-Studio MJ

Rare set of genuine python skin for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ. Elite Set of Python Leather - Bag, Briefcase, Wallet, Purse, Watchstrap, Keyring, Flash Drives, Credit Card, Visit Card & Business Card Holder etc. See also catalog elite sets of computer equipment, jewelry and accessories - www.set.mj777.com

Unique portfolios and diplomats of any size with any number of internal pockets and sections.  Individual orders exclusive leather crocodile any cut, colors, models, design etc. Paint the skin on the customer's choice in any coloring and any shade. Matte or patent leather. Any male and female models of handbags, briefcases and other accessories from the Art Studio MJ. MJ UNIQUE BRIEFCASES, ATTACHÉ CASES & ACCESSORIES - CROCODILE  LEATHER




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